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Ramifications Of Educator Sexual
Currently a resident of New England, I created this web site in
response to my concern over the growing number of educators who
were violating the boundary that exists between educators and
students. At a conference at Hofstra University in 2004, my concern
regarding the number of violations was validated when information
was presented that 80% of educator sexual misconduct is not
reported. This conference pulled together concerned members of
the community from all across the United States and included
members of organizations listed on the
RefsandLinks page of this

I hold an MS degree in Education.  My research has taken me into
the realm of the deviant behavior cycle and a study of the
dysfunctional mindset.  These pages represent an abstract of the
information from numerous sources including dozens of websites
that are dedicated to prevention and intervention strategies.

My teaching experience includes elementary, high school science
and computers, and post secondary teaching.

“Ramifications of Teacher Sexual Misconduct” is a project started in
1999 and includes the work of Dr. Lori Wiley, Ph.D., "Character
Development Foundation."