Signs along the way

There are few outward signs by which  adults at
risk can be identified.  The behaviors that lead to
and are part of the offending  profile are subtle and
hidden in normalcy.  Adults must recognize their
own behavior as well as that of their colleagues,
and the degree of honesty must be absolute.

Any behavior that extends beyond the definition of
normal should be addressed:  

Your own isolation

Inappropriate fantasies

Rationalization of unusual behavior

Justification for deviancies

Denial in confrontation

Dishonesty with yourself and others            

The danger here is to be aware of the witch hunt—
normal/abnormal behaviors are similar. There is
little harm in asking a colleague about additional
time spent with a student or of the conditions
surrounding  that time.  There is little harm in
asking if you can help or if help can be obtained
from an appropriate professional.

There can be a great deal of harm in saying
Ramifications of Educator Sexual Misconduct
Definition of Inappropriate behavior

Inappropriate behaviors are those which cross
the boundaries separating children from adult
needs and create relationships that transcend
acceptable behaviors.

These inappropriate relationships have far
reaching and long lasting consequences upon
both the adult and the child.

All adults working with children and young adults
(adolescents) are at risk when frequent
one-on-one interactions are part of the
relationship.  All adults have a responsibility to
ensure that student-adult boundaries are not
compromised.  It is the responsibility of each
adult to observe the behaviors and follow the
laws governing the reporting of abuse, even if
not at risk themselves.  There should exist an
environment in which boundaries and behaviors
can be discussed and a means of resolving issues
before they lead to compromise and
inappropriate behaviors.

The illustrations shown in the two columns
on the
next page are not intended to be direct
relationships but represent the possible
ramifications of any of the inappropriate
behaviors.  Any one of the inappropriate
behaviors may result in any number of the
outcomes and the greater number of
inappropriate behaviors, the greater may be the
number of adverse effects
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