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Ramifications Of Educator Sexual Misconduct
Topic Outline

Teachers/coaches/instructors/others that work with adolescents

I. Your first job, first.    
 A.  avoid counseling.           
 B.  avoiding personal/intimate topics   
II. Role of others- counselors/teachers/family.    
 A.  share with them all questionable concerns.            
 B.  items/topics that are kept from family/others should be questioned   
 C.  share nothing exclusively with adolescents  
 D. It is not the role of teacher/coach to be confidante
III.  Addressing the “blind spot” (thank you, Dr.Wiley)
 A. Monitoring daily contact
 B. Being “nosy” (concerned) about colleagues
IV. Tripping over the “enabler”
 A. Parent’s permissions - “blanket” permissions for discussions
 B. Teens embellish, look for support, acceptance, reinforcement
V. Maintain boundaries/relative “positions”
 A. Avoid empowering
 B. Avoid codependency
VI. The Sex offender’s MO; the cycle - factors that may contribute to offending
 A. Thoughts and feelings; the pretend-Normal phase
 B. Acting out; Pre-assault phase
 C. Offending phase
VII. Ramifications of inappropriate relationships
 A. Upon the victim
 B. Upon the victim’s family and social structure
 C. Upon the offender
 D. Upon the offender’s family  and social structure
 E. Upon the community/organization (scouts, schools, church, etc.)